A sublime Europe overwhelms the United States at the PING Junior Solheim Cup

PJSC 2023
  • The European team wins by a score of 15 to 9 in La Zagaleta, one of the biggest differences in history.
  • Spain’s Cloe Amión, Rocío Tejedo, Andrea Revuelta and Anna Cañadó played an active role in Europe’s victory.
  • The European team has won its second consecutive victory, closing the gap in the record books of this competition, seven victories for the United States to four for Europe.

A sublime Europe, able to completely disrupt the American resistance during the two days of competition, has vindicated its importance in the PING Junior Solheim Cup, the vibrant prelude to the Solheim Cup that has been held with great success at the Old Course in La Zagaleta.

The slogans “Vamos Girls!” and “Go Europe!”, shouted by the young European players after beating their opponents by a resounding 15 to 9, are a preview of what may happen from Friday at Finca Cortesin, when the show proper of the Solheim Cup begins.

“Hopefully this result will encourage the seniors to beat the United States as well,” said the four Spaniards who contributed to Europe’s second consecutive victory in this competition in unison, with pride and satisfaction visible on their faces.

The team captained by France’s Gwladys Nocera had done their homework very well on the first day, when a significant 8.5 to 3.5 was on the scoreboard. That left just four points from the twelve at stake in the individual matches, a goal that all the members of the European team had been working towards like a disciplined Roman legion since early in the morning of the decisive day.

Andrea Revuelta from Madrid, European leader in the first of the duels, with the experience of having won this tournament in 2021, was the example of the attitude of her whole team. At first she could not contain Jasmine Koo’s barrage of hits during the first part of the round, with three birdies and an eagle that put her four holes down on the 10th, but from that moment on, the courage and grit of the Spaniard reduced the disadvantage to the minimum.

The result did not matter – the Spaniard conceded on the last hole – but rather the predisposition, that warrior’s disposition so palpable that characterized the entire European team when facing all the matches. Some led to success, others to a draw and some more to defeat, the latter an anecdote in the context of a memorable performance that leads Europe to regain ground in the list of winners of this competition.

Second consecutive victory, fourth victory in history, captain Gwladys Nocera had distributed her pupils in an order of play that was crucial, potential points at the top of the court and more potential points at the bottom, a lethal combination that fructified in reality and turned the hopes of a U.S. comeback into nothing.

Among the Spaniards, special mention for the Valencian Cloe Amión, who won all three points in which she was involved. She herself, along with the rest of her teammates, waited patiently for Rocío Tejedo from Castellón to finish her match on the 18th hole, the best place to celebrate in style the new European victory, the perfect incentive for the start of the Solheim Cup 2023 this Friday.


One of the highest results in history

The final score of 15-9 in favor of Europe, while still large, is by no means the most emphatic on record at the PING Junior Solheim Cup. That honor goes to the inaugural edition in 2002, when the United States outscored Europe 17-7, a ten-point lead that has not even come close since. By contrast, the narrowest margin was in 2003, when Europe beat the United States by 12.5 to 11.5. Going even further, the 2011 duel between Europeans and Americans ended in a draw.

The balance of victories is narrowing

Europe’s unquestionable victory in this edition of the Junior Solheim Cup means that the balance of victories in the winners’ list of both teams is narrowing. The United States still has a wide advantage, with 7 victories to its credit, but Europe has accumulated, with this one, its fourth victory, the second in a row, something that had not happened so far in the list of victories in this competition.

Record number of Spanish players at the PING Junior Solheim Cup

The presence of four Spaniards in this edition of the PING Junior Solheim Cup, out of the total of twelve members of the European team, has shown the strength of our golf and its good consideration in Europe. However, the record of participation of Spanish golfers in this competition was in 2002, in the inaugural edition, when the European team was populated with seven Spaniards: Azahara Muñoz, Carmen Alonso, Emma Cabrera, Inés Díaz Negrete, María Hernández, María Recasens and Elisa Serramiá. As if that were not enough, the captain was another Spaniard, Marta Figueras-Dotti.

U.S. women golfers with their bags over their shoulders

A curious fact, which has drawn attention during these two days of vibrant competition, has been that the American golfers have carried their bag on their shoulders, without the help of any kind of trolley. In the United States this is the usual rule imposed by the USGA, but this circumstance may have weighed on them -never better said- given that the terrain of the Old Course, with numerous slopes, meant that some players arrived at some holes visibly tired.

Four players bring all three possible points to the European team

Spain’s Cloe Amion, Belgium’s Savannah De Bock, Italy’s Francesca Fiorellini and the Czech Republic’s Denisa Vodickova were the only ones to score all three possible points in their respective performances, an important achievement that will also go down in the annals of history.

INDIVIDUAL MATCHES SEPTEMBER 19: Europe, 6.5 – United States, 5.5

Andrea Revuelta (Europe) loses to Jasmine Koo (USA) by 2up.

American Jasmine Koo was a cyclone during the first ten holes, in which she made three birdies and an eagle, but Spaniard Andrea Revuelta weathered the storm with mastery from that point on. Four holes of disadvantage were reduced to one thanks to a patient and successful work of the Madrilenian. Her resilience, however, was not enough to get the victory. A ball sent to a very complicated area near a creek, on the 18th hole, prevented the achievement. Andrea Revuelta contributed a point to Europe’s overall victory.

Francesca Fiorellini (Europe) beats Anna Davis (USA) by 5/3

The Italian golfer has been the faithful image of solidity and efficiency throughout the tournament, distinguishing herself among the group that has added the three possible points to the European team. In the final match against the American Anna Davis this superiority was reproduced, reflected in an increasingly favorable score. Her 5/3 final, without giving any option to her rival, deserves a ‘bravo ragazza’.

Nora Sundberg (Europe) beats Gianna Clemente (USA) by 4/2

The Swede scored another very important point after Francesca Fiorellini. Her victory was not in danger at any time, with increasingly consolidated advantages that hatched on the 16th hole. Another half point in the foursome, in Monday’s round, completed a remarkable performance by the Nordic Nora Sundberg.

Yana Beeli (Europe) loses to Yana Wilson (USA) by 1up

The two Yanas, Swiss and American, starred in a duel clearly divided into two parts, the first one in which the European golfer -who even had a four-hole lead on the 5th after a brilliant start- dominated, and the second one in which Yanna Wilson knew how to manage to its last consequences a one-hole lead that was vital in the end. Yana Beeli contributed a point to Europe’s victory.

Anna Cañadó (Europe) loses to Kathryn Ha (USA) by 1up

The Spanish golfer kept the match in her favor for almost the entire round, accumulating a lead of three holes by the halfway point. Still with a one-hole lead at the 16th, two consecutive birdies by Kathryn Ha in the last two holes turned the score around. Anna Cañadó contributed half a point to Europe’s victory.

Cloe Amion (Europe) beats Elisabeth Rusidill (USA) by 2up

Magnificent performance of the Valencian golfer in her debut at the PING Junior Solheim Cup, distinguishing herself as the only Spaniard -and one of the few European players- who has contributed the three possible points to Europe’s victory.

Josefin Widal (Europe) loses to Leigh Chien (USA) by 3/2

However, from that point on, Leigh Chien took the initiative, first timidly, before winning the match at the 16th hole by 3/2, an excessive outcome for what was seen on the course for most of the round.

Helen Briem (Europe) beat Ryleigh Knaub (USA) by 1up

The feisty German had no choice. Although with small differences, which peaked in three holes on the 10th, she had chances to win against her American rival, who took advantage of a birdie on the 17th hole to the last, which allowed her to win later on the 18th by 1up.

Denisa Vodickova (Europe) beats Anna Song (USA) 2/1

The Czech golfer proved to be one of the mainstays of the European victory. With two points to her credit before the start against Anna Song, Denisa Vodickova completely controlled the match in the crucial area of the match, from the 10th hole onwards, leaving her opponent with no options thanks to her confidence and accuracy.

Rocio Tejedo (Europe) ties with Asterisk Talley (USA)

With everything already decided, the Spaniard Rocío Tejedo tied with Asterisk Talley in a duel in which she had to fight until the end to stop an American initiative that became hers from the 16th hole. The victory in this PING Junior Solheim Cup is the finishing touch to the excellent season of the Spaniard, full of victories. In this tournament she scored one and a half points.

Savannah de Bock (Europa) gana a Meghan Meng (USA) por 4/3

Captain Gwladys Nocera placed the Belgian golfer in the penultimate match aware of her confidence and poise. She was right on the money, as Savannah de Bock brought her third point in masterly fashion, controlling the match from start to finish before calling it a day on the 15th hole.

Meja Ortengren (Europe) beats Irene Kim (USA) 4/3

The above comment can be used to the millimetre in the case of Sweden’s Meja Ortengren, who contributed two points to the European victory. In this match, Irene Kim (USA) was outplayed by her opponent.


Cloe Amión: “I’m very proud, it’s great to have been here”.

The Valencian golfer, the only Spaniard to contribute the three points she was involved in, was overjoyed. “I’m very proud, it’s great to have been here and to have contributed to Europe’s victory. It’s been an unforgettable experience, the truth is that it’s a dream,” she said emotionally.

Rocío Tejedo: “To be there, putting on the last hole, is something I had dreamed of”.

One more triumph for a player who has won many important victories throughout the season. The player from Castellón also embodied the image of satisfaction. “To have lived it here, on the 18th hole, even though I already knew we had won, was an incredible, magical experience, with the whole team congratulating us. To be there, putting on the last hole, is something I had dreamed of”, she said with a broad smile on her face.

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