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The Solheim Cup and Carlota Ciganda unite their destinies to build the best story ever dreamed of

History has reserved for the first Solheim Cup held in Spain and Carlota Ciganda the best possible script ever dreamed of, a 14-point draw that is considered a victory for Europe – the winner of the previous edition retains the trophy – and a superb performance that places Carlota Ciganda as an undisputed reference of […]

H.M. King Felipe VI presides over the prize-giving ceremony

His Majesty the King of Spain, Felipe VI, was in charge of presenting the trophy to the winning team of this edition of the Solheim Cup. His presence only reinforces the support of the Royal Household for one of the most important sporting competitions to be held in our country in 2023. It is worth […]

MATCH BY MATCH: a Historical Day

The Spaniard’s victory was the culmination of a great team effort, and Caroline Hedwall’s reaction was decisive. This Sunday at Finca Cortesín was one of those unforgettable moments that only sport can offer. Thousands of people held their breath to witness the highlight of the day: the outcome of the match between Carlota Ciganda and […]

Europe and the United States are in the hunt for glory in the final round of the Solheim Cup

Europe has seriously scratched the resistance of the United States with one day to go in the Solheim Cup, bringing the score to an eight-way tie that raises all kinds of expectations. The European team is on course for what would be another milestone in the history of the Solheim Cup: its third consecutive triumph […]

Europe and the US share the morning Foursomes

The first part of the second round of the Solheim Cup has been saved with two victories for each team. On the European side, Carlota Ciganda has won again, this time alongside Emily Kristine Pedersen, as well as the Swedish couple formed by Linn Grant and Maja Stark. Europe and the United States have equally […]

Carlota Ciganda leads the European reaction in the exciting start of the Solheim Cup

Carlota Ciganda

In the afternoon, The European team recovers part of what was lost in the morning, to place the score at 3-5 at the start of the tournament being played at the Finca Cortesin course in Malaga. At 13:40 hours on Friday, September 22, 2023, came another historic milestone of the Solheim Cup 2023: the crowded […]

H.M. the King will preside over the Closing Ceremony of the Solheim Cup 2023

H.M. the King will preside over the Closing Ceremony of the Solheim Cup 2023, the largest women’s golf event in the world, which is being held at Finca Cortesin, in the province of Malaga, on Sunday, September 24. The presence of H.M. The King at the final day of the Solheim Cup represents a further […]

United States sweeps Europe in the morning Foursomes

The visiting team gained a notable advantage by winning the four matches that opened the 2023 Solheim Cup at the Finca Cortesín course in Costa del Sol. The United States have taken a big lead at the start of the competition, 4-0 on the scoreboard, forcing the European team to stage a remarkable comeback in […]