The Latina Golfers Association (LGA) is on a mission to introduce Latinas from the United States to golf!

What makes the Latina Golfers Association unique is that it is much more than an organization that teaches women how to play golf. Their programs are about empowering women with business skills, networking opportunities and the confidence to compete on corporate playing fields that are often male-dominated. The Latina Golfers Association teaches women how to leverage golf as a business tool so they can break the glass ceiling with a golf ball. 

The LGA was founded by Azucena Maldonado in 2008 and currently has over 2,500 members in Los Angeles. The majority of the members are professional Latinas in the corporate world, entrepreneurs, attorneys, women in finance, bankers, elected officials, and students. In the United States only 25% of golfers are women and even fewer of them are Latinas living in the United States. The majority of the women involved in the Latina Golfers Association are native to the United States and are descendants of Mexico, Central and South America. The LGA’s work is having an impact on the number of Latinas becoming involved in Golf in California and throughout the United States The response to the LGA’s golf clinics, golf lessons, workshops, golf outings, tournaments, and receptions has been overwhelming. Women from all walks of life have joined the LGA network.

“My passion for golf led me to found the Latina Golfers Association. I absolutely love introducing women, especially Latinas, to Golf. It’s a sport that enhances women’s lives on a personal and professional level. Golf opened up a new world for me. It’s now a movement and I want to share it with everyone! We too can become members of the elite “boys club”. Join me and the thousands of LGA members breaking gender and cultural barriers through golf.” Exclaimed Azucena Maldonado

The success of the Latina Golfers Association is due, in part, to the inviting atmosphere created at the golf events. The LGA eliminates the intimidating ambiance that can surround the game of golf. Golf events are fun, relaxed and make women feel at ease about learning the fundamentals of the game, including the importance of golf etiquette.

The Latina Golfers Association has created strong ties with the PGA of America and the LPGA. LGA members love to root for the Latina golfers on the LPGA Tour. It’s the members’ ties to their Hispanic roots that inspired a trip to Spain in 2023 to attend the Solheim Cup. “We are so excited and plan to bring a delegation of our members to not only enjoy the Solheim Cup but to also take in the culture of our beloved motherland!”, said Maldonado. “We are looking forward to meeting our sisters in Spain!”, she continued.