Finca Cortesín and the 2023 Solheim Cup, an example of water management

Acosol´s commitment to the environment and the rational utilization of available resources has allowed us to achieve, through the implementation of an irrigation system that uses recycled water in almost all the golf courses present in the eleven municipalities that we manage, sustainable facilities which have made us a benchmark for the number of installations irrigated with this type of water. The track record of success of these clubs also endorses our efforts.

That the eighteenth edition of one of the most important sporting competitions at an international level is hosted on the Costa de Sol is a great satisfaction for us. In addition, the celebration of the 2023 Solheim Cup at Finca Cortesín makes us feel very proud because the facilities of this club are 100% irrigated with our recycled water and this club was the first that obtained a sustainability seal of quality created by Acosol. This accreditation will be an additional incentive for golf courses since they will be eligible for a seal that will certify their good use of their irrigation system with recycled water, and in addition to the direct benefits on the environment it will also generate other economic, social, and operational advantages to golf courses and clubs.

As the CEO of Acosol, I have to say that we need to promote sustainability and efficient water management through the correct utilization of this scarce, valuable and important resource, especially now that we face the effects of climate change. On our behalf, we will continue with our line of work, generating a social and participatory dialogue accompanied by communication, education and training strategies that can adapt to the distinct public that make up today´s society. Investigation, innovation, and development will be key factors.

Acosol have founded and supported other initiatives of this type, like the creation of the golf observatory, the study of recycled water in golf courses or the creation of a Golf Tourism Department in the University of Málaga, among others.

The collaboration and participation in the 2023 Solheim Cup provide us a great opportunity to promote our region and the responsible use of an indispensible resource for life: water.

The biggest event of professional golf in the world will showcase our strengths and create working synergies that will translate into projects benefitting our citizens.

Manuel Cardeña Gómez

Executive CEO of Acosol