Munoz advises rookies to embrace experience

Despite this being her fourth Solheim Cup appearance for Europe, nerves still play a part for Azahara Munoz.

The Spaniard made her debut in 2011 when she played alongside Europe’s Captain Catriona Matthew in the foursomes.

She made three successive appearances in the competition from 2011 to 2015 but missed out on the 2017 edition.

After qualifying automatically this year, Munoz has reassured the three rookies on this year’s team to embrace the experience.

“I remember my first one in 2011, I was so excited and so nervous. I didn’t know what to expect but everybody just said just embrace it,” Munoz said.

“Everybody’s going to be nervous on the first tee. Just because it’s my fourth doesn’t mean I’m not going to be nervous.

“At every Solheim Cup I’ve been really nervous, so you just have to embrace it. It’s such a special week, it doesn’t happen very often.

“You just have to go along with it and enjoy it as much as you can, just take it all in. That’s my advice to all the rookies.”

On the day of the Team Europe announcement, the players took part in team-building activities including off-roading.

Team spirit is something Munoz believes is inherent in the European side and having compatriot Carlota Ciganda alongside her only enhances that.

“I think that playing as a team comes very naturally to Europeans,” she added.

“When we came here four weeks ago to play a practice round here, we all got along so well. We enjoy each other’s company so much and I think that’s what we have going for us.

“We tend to do everything in groups and I think that really helps us. A lot of people have been asking what do you do to make the team better? We don’t try anything. We just do. You get out there – Carlota and I were saying last night that I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much.

“Every dinner it’s just non-stop. We were joking how we had to get the physio to work on our faces because I was sore here from laughing.

“We just get along so great and we have so much fun together, so I think we really have that going on for us.”