The ambassadors: loudspeaker for the Solheim Cup

Passion for golf, personality and very eager to make our Solheim Cup. We still can hardly believe that the most important women’s golf event of the year is going to come to the Costa del Sol, to our country, to one of our golf courses.

The alliance among all the ambassadors is very strong because we all together have woven an invisible net that is indestructible, that is able to resist any adversity. Many of us have been left stranded just when we could see ourselves in Ohio for the Solheim this year, but even so we have gone on making noise, getting together and supporting, in the distance, our Solheim 2023. We are sure that no one will take the Finca Cortesin’s Solheim from us. That is why we shout at the top of our voice what it is about, we explain what it means, we wear proudly our uniform, we help one another.

There is no doubt that it has been a great idea. The Ambassador Club Solheim Cup 2023 is a hit because it has achieved a personalized tournament, it has turned the glass into flesh and bones, into voices, into enthusiasm. It has brought women golfers from all over Spain to  play at the Finca Cortesin course and, under the guise, many other courses from the area. There has been a togetherness that has produced ideas, proposals and initiatives, all of them with the aim not only of promoting this great tournament but also women’s golf, to empower the women’s sports, to take it to the top. If Ana Belen Sanchez told us that she had never seen so much people following her as when she played the Solheim 2003, the Solheim 2023 players should get ready for what is coming. The tickets have already started to be sold, there are already packs being sold, it is going to go off like a bomb.

I believe and I’m certain that I’m not wrong, that there is going to be a very big outbreak of golf in Spain. I’m sure it won’t be only in this area, that is already number one in golf, but it will be all over Spain, because with such attention on our country they will see the many courses that we have, the high quality of them all and all the amenities that surround them, such as culture, gastronomy and, most of all, the people. We are fun, we are great, let’s believe it!! #VAMOSGIRLS

Montse San Francisco

Solheim Cup 2023 Ambassador and Ladies in Golf Magazine publisher