Vithas, focused on sport and health

Vithas is a purely female company. 76% of our staff are women, and 61% of our managers and middle management are also women. When I say this I mean that the criteria that guide the management of our company’s 12,500 professionals are far removed from any kind of bias, including gender ones.

It comes naturally to us to value exclusively the talent, training and commitment of the people who wish to work with us.

However, this does not prevent us from seeing what is happening outside our network of 20 hospitals and 36 medical centers. We understand that there is still a long way to go in terms of equal opportunities and that there are many ways to achieve them.

Because if it is important to achieve equal access, social recognition of women’s achievements, progress and successes of any kind is just as important, if not more so. And if there is a powerful instrument for obtaining social recognition of any group, it is sporting competition in general, and high-demanding competition in particular.

The Solheim Cup is, in my opinion, an extraordinary example of all this. It brings together all the ingredients that have made sport one of the greatest spectacles in the world: emotion, high demand, competitiveness and self-improvement.

Thanks to the women golfers´s high level, the impeccable organization of the tournament and its penetration in the social communication channels, the Solheim Cup is a magnificent showcase of the importance of women’s sport, on an equal footing with men’s competitions.

This is one of the reasons why we decided to make Vithas the official medical provider of the tournament. We wanted to send the message of our commitment to the promotion of women in all areas – as we already do in our company – including sports.

And not because they belong to a particular gender, but because, every day, millions of women around the world work hard, strive to improve, train and overcome their own personal barriers to give the best version of themselves. And this, whether in sports or in any profession, should not be ignored.

In addition, Vithas is a company that promotes healthy lifestyle habits, good nutrition and self-care to ensure people’s well-being. A strategy that, once again, finds the perfect allie in sport.

That is why our company is also medical provider for marathons such as the Valencia Marathon, soccer clubs as Malaga CF, surfing championships such as the World Surf League or popular races in favor of the fight against cancer, to mention just a few examples. And now, at the Solheim Cup, we will have the privilege of taking care of the best female golf players in the world´s health and thousands of fans of theirs.

In doing so, we demonstrate our company’s commitment to ESG criteria for the collective challenge of building healthier and more egalitarian societies, which means improving people’s lives. In short, we are fulfilling our brand purpose: “Live to take care of yourself”.

Dr. Pedro Rico

Vithas Group´s General Manager.